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10 Immediate ways to improve your look

July 18, 2011

The other day, I saw a man wearing a nice white dress shirt and black pants who projected sloppiness. He chose quality clothes, but displayed them all wrong. His shirt pushed all over the place as it was half untucked. The shirt cuffs were undone without being rolled up. Too many buttons were undone exposing a lot of his undershirt. Lastly, his belt allowed his pants to droop a bit due to its loose fit. Truthfully, he could present himself perfectly with what he already owned and wore that day.

While some things don’t change overnight, other areas can improve right away with the necessary adjustments. Too many people miss the little things that combine to brighten and solidify your fashion. So, let’s talk about ten areas that will immediately accelerate your fashion ascendance.

1. Iron your clothes. Do this and you will quickly move beyond sloppy. Wrinkled clothes bring everything down.

2. Wear only clean unstained clothes. You may love that favorite shirt with the small oil stain, but no shirt or piece of clothing should be stained, frayed, or torn. Try every tool in your stain removal arsenal to clean up that shirt. If the stain remains, pitch it.

3. Wear a belt. It allows the eye to transition from the shirt to the pants. Without a belt, the observer cannot move past your empty loops.

4. Shave. With a clean shave, your face slims, your professional impression improves, and your younger face comes back.

5. Match your socks to your pants. Please don’t wear white tube socks with everything. Match your socks and pants to remove the eye sore.

6. Polish your shoes. A simple detail that says you take care of everything.

7. Don’t leave too many buttons undone. This one can be especially bad. Did you get dressed before you fully woke up for the day? People in your office may think this of you. The time for undone buttons comes on occasion in the casual world, but definitely not in the more dressed up business world or work environment.

8. Don’t pack your pockets until they bulge. It distracts from the natural lines of your body. And, it causes the fabric of your pants to fall in weird ways. If you must lug all that stuff around, take a messenger bag. For instant relief, go through your key chain and remove all but necessary keys. Then, greatly thin out your wallet leaving only the basics. Chances are that you do not need that phone number you wrote down two years ago on the back of a business card.

9. Try straight lacing your shoes.

10. Wear a watch.

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