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With Sunglasses, You’re So Cool

July 27, 2011

Think of the classic cool person. What comes to mind? What is that person wearing? I bet sunglasses rank somewhere near the top of list. Think about Tom Cruise with a pair of Ray-Bands or a pair of aviators in Top Gun. How about the Blues Brothers or the Fonz or the Men in Black? Examples abound. Sunglasses can solidify a masculine and powerful image. It seems to me that it has something to do with the inability to see the eyes. In each person’s gaze, one can find a window into the emotions. The eyes convey fear, timidity, intensity, determination, joy, love, and even hatred. Without that window, we tend to perceive people with more of a steel resolve – unaffected and in control. Think poker face.

If you don’t own excellent, stylish sunglasses, go out and buy a pair. Please don’t start at Wal-Mart. Invest in quality; and, expect that classic cool presentation. Really, you can find a great pair in more places than you think. In fact, many of the best fashion designers have created stylish glasses to accent their clothes. Consider trying on a pair from one of them. A few examples include Dior, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, DKNY, and even Banana Republic. Also, consider companies that made their place in the world through sunglasses such as Ray-Band and Oakley. Although a luxurious pair of sunglasses can set you back a chunk of change, you will find it to be well worth the expense as few fashion purchases have the ability to instantly step you closer to the James Bond category.

For what characteristics should you hunt?

1. First and most important, search out sunglasses that match the shape of your face. As with clothes, certain faces require particular glasses. If you find your face to be full, robust and well rounded, try frames with a more square shape with smooth not abrupt corners. If your face is on the thin side, try frames that add volume with a larger size. If your face gradually slims to a point in your chin, try aviator-like glasses that hold a similar shape. If your face holds a more square shape, try a larger pair. When trying them on, peer into that mirror and honestly evaluate the balance it gives to your face.

2. Avoid cheap looking glasses. They may block the sun, but give you the opposite affect of what you want. As with a suit, sunglasses should not make you look cheap. They sit in the one place that people look first – your face. So, don’t make your first impression a lackluster one.

3. Find comfortable sunglasses. I don’t care how great that designer pair makes your face appear. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t buy.

4. Go for mysterious and cool. To get a feel for this attribute, glance at stars on television or billboards driving down the street. Think about what the glasses do for those men. Try to copy.

Once you find that great pair, go for a drive and make your way to a nice coffee shop or juice bar. Arrive wearing those glasses and feel the cool. After all, with sunglasses, you do look so cool.

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  1. April 9, 2013 6:49 am

    Nice post! Sunglasses can say a lot about a person, there are all different kinds. I buy Oakleysunglasses just to look trendy and cool.

  2. Mrmr mrmr permalink
    September 30, 2016 7:38 pm

    Colored contact lenses look cool on men not sunglasses.

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