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Wear the best tie

August 10, 2011

Over the years, I proudly displayed some terrible ties. After educating myself on the right characteristics, I know now how bad those early ties truly were. I can sum up my first mistake easily: cheap ties. I attended a college with a dress code requiring each male student to wear a tie to class. Back then, I viewed the tie as more of a place holder than a declaration of style. So, where does a cash-strapped college student head to obtain the newly required “place-holder?” You guessed it: Wal-Mart. It is obvious to me years later how cheap it must have made me look. Please learn from my errors and purchase quality ties. As with a suit, they exist to portray you in the greatest possible light. Low quality fabrics appear cheap to others and reverse the effect you pushed to attain. In fact, the higher the quality, the more sophisticated you present yourself.

The best tie-makers design and craft high quality ties from silk. And those looking for brownie points incorporate the same caliber fabric in the blade (on the back of the tie near the tip) as in the rest of the tie. At the pinnacle, you will find a seven fold tie. These hand-made masterpieces are created from one piece of silk fabric. The artisans fold it seven times completing the stitching by hand. They can run above $200, so choose wisely if you really want one. Otherwise, you can get by just fine with a good all-around silk tie.

My second mistake ruined all my already cheap ties. Some mornings before class, I wanted to jump out of bed, get dressed quickly, run to class, and arrive just in time. In order to pull it off, I kept my ties on a hanger perpetually tied. Bad idea. Quickly enough, I found the fabric permanently folded, buckled and crunched. Did I get rid of them at that point? Nope.

After you hunt down the quality silk, make sure to choose a tie that falls flat and smooth down your chest. When tied, it should not have snags, buckles, creases or weird folds. In order to properly assess this factor, knot it up around your neck as you would normally wear it. Carefully survey how it lays over your shirt. If you are unsatisfied, move on to the next one.

Lastly, consider how you will wear what you purchase. Will it match your suit? Is it so flamboyant as to turn people away? Can you display it with various outfits? If you have no ties, start with solid black, then find some that match your particular style. So many styles await your review. Personally, I prefer diagonal stripes as they look particularly nice and accent the structure of my face.

As with most advice you will get from me, choose quality! And, if you have any inkling your tie reminds people of a decade’s old slightly rusted station wagon, get rid of it!

© Copyright 2011 Fashion for the average man .

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