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Window shopping: generating ideas

September 8, 2011

Suit store

At times, ideas can be difficult to come by. In fact, I have parked my style car in front of many road blocks in the past when considering how to dress for an event, date or interview. If you can relate, don’t worry. It’s normal. To stay ahead of the game, you have to search for good looking clothes and new concepts. A good way to start is to go window shopping.

Find a really nice mall with high end merchandise. Examine the best of the best to get a feel for the ideal. Several stores to check out for ideas include Nordstrom, Bally, Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Buckle, Banana Republic, Macy’s, and Dillards. Some of these stores stock pricey items. So what! You don’t have to buy something to get in the door. Seriously, stroll through Bally or Burberry to see what great stuff looks like. If the price pushes beyond your range, then search out a cheaper alternative. Stores like Fossil or Express or Macy’s or even Old Navy can offer decent better-priced alternatives at times.

In Houston, I love walking around the Galleria, a large mall filled with stores of all kinds. Many times, I meander through the upper end stores, but also the average priced ones. I appreciate the comparing and examining of clothes gaining a certain satisfaction in surveying the best fashion pieces out there. For example, Nordstrom holds many classic wardrobe options. In that store, I can spend hours admiring various works of fashion art such as a pair of Bruno Magli shoes or a Robert Talbot seven-fold tie or a beautiful Italian suit (made of impeccable quality wool). I trounce about like a school boy on an art museum field trip, searching for another glorious discovery.

Consider it special ops – a reconnaissance mission. Hunt for new wardrobe combinations and truly great clothes. Do this and you will find yourself with a fresh appearance and a growing collection of compliments.

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