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Eye of the beholder

October 28, 2011

If you were to ask me about my all time favorite TV shows, I would tell you The Cosby Show ranks near the top. In the show, the main character Cliff dresses up in a suit on many occasions. As I watch it on DVD, I often think about how difficult it is for a man in a suit to look bad, even in 1985. Conversely, I also notice many outdated clothes from the 1980s. It reminds me that styles and preferences change.

Throughout history, people have experimented with all types of clothes, fabrics, accessories, coats, and shoes. Many advances came from both style and function. The best survive today. Others do not. For instance, the Romans of 5th Century BC wore togas to exhibit the day’s fashion. Do we wear togas today? Hardly. You might see them on occasion as a novelty worn by a college fraternity. You see, through the years, people have tested new clothes and styles. Those items standing the test, those gaining the votes of people spending their hard earned cash, and those actually worn by men should be jotted down on your short list of clothes to consider. A few examples include the Navy Blue Blazer (went mainstream in the 1920s and still great today), the polo shirt (developed by famous tennis star Rene Lacoste in the 1930s, it is a must for your casual collection), and of course tennis shoes (which have been around since the late 1800s). In addition, the Egyptians first created the fabric linen from the flax plant as far back at 3100 BC. Take a good look around and you will still find it in wide use today.

The less desirable things have thankfully faded out of the spotlight. The men of yesteryear flushed them out for us. That’s why, if you find the tried and true principles, you can jump light years ahead.

Now, I am a strong advocate for seeing the heart of God in every person. We should never look down on others for their clothes or lack of fashion abilities. The light switch may not have turned on for them yet. My heart goes out to those men. I especially feel for those who want to upgrade and have no idea how – which brings me to the focus of this blog – to help the average man improve his fashion abilities.

On a side note, if you beam with confidence while sporting a toga, that’s okay too. Some people have a style all their own – sometimes one most people don’t prefer, but a unique one nonetheless. If you like wearing Spandex bicycle shorts to the mall to do your Christmas shopping, then go for it. I would not recommend it, but if you see it as your look, do it with confidence and be content with who you are as a person. On the other hand, if you want to know what has worked for men throughout the years, then do your research and read my posts.

This blog exists to provide knowledge and a boost to those who desire to tap into the successes of fashion history. Primarily, I plan to focus on building you up with encouragement and filling your idea book with the principles of good style.

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  1. Omar H. Viengar permalink
    November 2, 2011 1:39 pm

    Wow! Jeremy what a great blog I agree it should not matter what we wear on the out side of our bodies. I believe when our in side is filled with holy spirit then hopefully the outside will match, I say the word hopefully. I am sure that the guy in spandex at the mall may be a spirit filled pastor, lets hope for the best though. I still like bow ties and beards sorry bro, but I each time I purchase an article of clothing I think WWJB ” What would Jeremy Buy”? I believe in business and your personal life if you do not take care of the small things including grooming habits then other areas that are messy are pretty evident. Good work Jeremy and I will continue to follow the Blog..

  2. February 19, 2012 12:47 am

    Thanks for the advice. I just picked up 3 blazers.

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