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Thanksgiving attire

November 19, 2011

As everyone in America interprets and celebrates Thanksgiving in a different way, you must properly ascertain the setting before assembling an outfit. Therefore, this article contains a lot of questions for you to consider.

I have enjoyed Thanksgiving in a variety of settings. One year, I joined my dad and concert violinist step-mother overseas in of all places – Turkey. I have to say, it feels strange to celebrate a holiday in a country unacquainted with the tradition.  The conductor of the city’s orchestra graced our dinner as my father’s guest. Recognizing Thanksgiving’s prominent place in American culture, he properly donned a suit. In dressing well, he showed respect for his host. He understood the setting and rose to the challenge.

How you dress will probably depend upon the weather, location, people involved and your planned activities. Do you expect to encounter warm or cold weather? Rain? Snow? Sunshine? Will you dine in a home? Go to a restaurant? Banquet hall? Church? Outreach center? Do you plan to join family? Friends? In-laws? Potential in-laws? Will you be indoors the entire time? Outdoors at all? Any games? Will you bring small children making dressier clothes a challenge? Think baby spitting up. As you can see, many factors can modify your choice of clothes.

From these questions, you must decide where your day will land on the casual to formal scale. To jumpstart your thinking, I offer three ideas:

1. For Thanksgiving (in a colder climate) spent with family or close friends in a more casual setting, you can do well with a sweater pulled over a nice dress shirt paired with dark blue straight leg jeans and classic sneakers. Throw in a scarf for good measure.

2. For the next level up, somewhere between casual and formal, switch it up by wearing gray dress slacks along with a well-pressed dress shirt (with or without a sweater pulled over it). Pair it with a stylish loafer or oxford shoe.

Note: For those future in-laws, ask your fiancé or girlfriend about the gathering first and plan accordingly. Does her family dress up or down for the big day? Do they hold a traditional football game in the backyard? Do they enjoy hay rides or any other outdoor activity?

3. For a more dressy church or business Thanksgiving banquet, wear a dark grey suit. No themed ties. If you need to dress it down a bit, wear slacks w/ a sport coat and no tie.

Remember to thank God for His blessings in your life. Many people around the world would love to partake of such a meal. Once again, consider the venue, people involved and activities planned. Then, tailor your outfit to match the experience. Last thing – compliment the master chef of the day!

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