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13 fashionable gift ideas for men

December 13, 2011

Poop – believe it or not I gave this as a gift at one point in my life. I offer a few excuses for such a terrible present. First, my young age of eleven greatly influenced my decision. Second, I honestly thought the recipient would like it. Why? Well, I found this particular specimen of excrement in a museum gift shop. One cannot categorize this poop in the standard way. You see, it was dinosaur poop, carefully laid in place by its maker and carefully dug up by an eager archeologist. It all sounded so “cool” to me as a kid. The gift-getter did not agree. Truthfully, we can all use a little help tracking down the perfect gift.

When buying accent pieces or clothes for someone else, you increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome if you stick to neutral colors. These consist of black, white, gray and to a large extent brown and tan. Also, avoid very “trendy” or flamboyant designs. Stick to the classics any man can use.

I offer a few suggestions broken down by price:

$25 and under:
1. Shoe polish kit – a must have for every man with stylish leather shoes.

2. A nice metal pen – nowadays, you can find relatively inexpensive and classic looking pens.


$50 and under:
3. Cuff links or tie bar – stick with a simple design, such as solid metal.

4. Cologne – ascertain the fragrance of their choice. If you do not know and cannot pick up the smell on him, ask a salesperson for a short list of the top selling ones and pick one.

5. Classic leather belt – do not get this one unless you have the right size.

6. Scarf.


$100 and under:
7. A shirt and tie – get the correct size. Also, you can consider various combinations, but every man can use a white shirt with black tie.

8. A quality leather padfolio with or without pen.

9. Pajamas – again, get the right size.


$250 and under:
10. A high end pen (such as from Montblanc).

11. Leather messenger bag

12. A fashionable watch – Companies such as Citizen, Fossil and Swatch offer good options, but really you will find thousands of choices for this one.


Higher ticket:
13. A high end watch – You can almost go as expensive as you want with a watch. One of these days I will pass along my wish list of awesome watches. A few companies to consider: Tag Heuer, Breitling, and Omega. For really expensive, try Patek Phillipe, Ulysse Nardin, Cartier and Breguet.

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