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Minimize the bulge

August 21, 2013

Many men want to know about ways larger men can dress to minimize the weight. I offer you another excerpt from my book to address the question. One thing to note that I left out of my book – darker colors are a good way to limit the effect of shadows and reduce the appearance of weight. From page 52:

I love men’s fashion. I enjoy conversing with anyone about it. At times, I get into discussions with men who may be considered extra extra large. Several of them have commented on their frustration with shopping, how to dress, and trying to look good. If you can relate, don’t be discouraged. There are ways to improve your fashion just like everyone else. So if you are very big, very small, very tall, or very short, consider today a new day and begin to conceptualize a look tailor-made for you.

For those of you with a well-endowed mid section, you do have options to minimize the bulge. For starters, wear pleated pants (I think a single pleat looks best). They allow your lower section to better fill the pants while adding more balance between the areas above and below the belt. Next, focus on accentuating your height and slimming your width. This can be achieved through utilizing vertical lines in shirts, pants and suits. For sport coats and suit jackets, run away from double-breasted as it will add weight to your stomach. Opt for single-breasted one or two button suits. The longer the open v in your sport coat (more shirt showing), the taller you look. Lastly, wear pants without cuffs.

If you are very tall, try minimizing the height through various ways. First, wear pants with cuffs as they form a distinct end to the pant legs. Also, wear a sport coat with a smaller open v as it will further shorten you.

If you have a slim or small frame, choose clothes that make you appear larger. To add more bulk to your frame, invest in a quality double-breasted suit. Steer clear of cuffs and go for flat front pants.

For the very short, you will need to heighten your appearance as much as possible. To add height, use vertical lines like those in pinstripe suits and shirts. Also, enhance your height by wearing a sport coat with a large open v. For pants, make them flat front with no cuffs.

When in doubt about how to dress, observe people around you. Go to the mall or a nice restaurant – a place where you will see many people. Search for well-dressed men with the same build as you and pay close attention to their clothes. Then, try to find some of the same items. Borrowing ideas from those blessed with sartorial wisdom is always a good practice.

© Copyright 2013 Fashion for the average man.

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  1. August 21, 2013 3:03 pm

    Great points. Never thought of the “more shirt showing” the taller you look. Hmm I think I’ll try that for myself!

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