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Five ways to wear one sweater

October 16, 2013

sweatersWell, we are headed into another splendid Fall and Winter. I truly love this time of year for so many reasons. On the horizon, I gaze at the prospect of fun shared with family and friends at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The cooler weather peps me up a bit more. And, the new wardrobe options wind up my sartorial springs. Out from the closet, I awaken my favorite sweaters and jackets from their Summer slumber. In particular, a quality sweater has to rank near the top of must-have items for the Autumn and Winter months. If you have yet to give them a try, delay no longer. Purchase a few. As your collection builds, you will discover their many uses.

Today, I plan to give you five options for wearing a single sweater. To make it simple, let’s utilize a light-weight, merino wool, v-neck, solid gray sweater. Bear in mind, each of the options to follow can be tweaked for other types of sweaters. So, here goes…

1. Classic – Throw on a quality hard collar dress shirt underneath that sweater and pair it with slacks and dressy shoes. You can vary the colors of the shirt and slacks. In addition, a tie looks great with this outfit. I frequently select this one for days at the office. If you need assistance combining outfits and colors, check out Assembling outfits made easy. For help in buying the right shirt, read Dress Shirt Basics (Part 2): Style.

2. Smart casual – A slight modification of the first option, this version tells the world you confront your wardrobe with intention and thought. Swap out the slacks for jeans (see The ideal pair of Jeans) and the shoes for sneakers or loafers. Then, roll up together the sleeves of the shirt and sweater two times. My wife and I both love a sweater displayed in this fashion. Also read Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

3. Warm day casual – Wear no shirt except a v-neck undershirt. Push back the sweater sleeves above the elbows and grab a pair of shorts. Yes, you heard right – shorts. With the gray color of the sweater, your choices for color, pattern and style can vary. And the contrary is true as well; a solid gray pair of shorts allows you to change up the sweater. For more on shorts, read Shorts made easy.

4. Dressed up – For most any outfit involving a sport coat or suit (not a tuxedo), you can add this sweater. It serves almost the same function as a vest. Most of the time, you will wear a tie for this look.

5. Laid back classic – Very similar to option one, this less “proper” version softens some of the formality.  Everything is the same except for the hard collar shirt. Remove the shirt and push the sleeves back above the elbows. If you need ideas for a date, consider this outfit. It works perfectly for many scenarios. For more on dressing for a date, read She said yes. What to wear on the first date in my book.

You may own several sweaters already without trying some of the options above. Tell yourself you will try at least one within the next month. And, enjoy the Fall season.

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  1. February 3, 2014 3:51 pm

    Jeremy. I need your blog! I’m a style resistant, non visual troglodyte with lots of clothes and no idea how to wear them. I’ll check in regularly. I’m glad you liked the pasta sauces.

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