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Fashion expert?

November 13, 2013

book stackNo man is born an expert.

This definitely rings true for me. Through much of the early part of my life, I possessed a woeful ignorance of most things concerning fashion. In college, I could be seen sporting an all tan outfit (tan shoes, pants, shirt, tie, and belt. Wish I could say the socks were tan too.) I misunderstood the phrase, “your clothes have to match.” Many times, I wore clothes past their appropriate lifespan. I wore hiking boots with black dress slacks! And yet … I now write a fashion blog. How is that possible? Some of the people who knew me in college find it hard to believe too.

Was Frank Sinatra born wearing a fitted black suit? Did Ralph Lauren come out of the womb walking around in a classic pair of jeans? Were Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford born experts? Hardly. They entered the world the same as the rest of us – square one – naked! They had to learn. They had to seek out and develop their knowledge and skills. Because of their fascination with fashion, they put in the effort to get there.

Years ago, someone told me if you read one book on any subject, you know more than 97% of the people out there, making you an expert. When the fashion bulb lit up in me, I remembered that line about being an expert. I don’t know if I was convinced only one would do it, but I decided to read a fashion book. And, I used the information to make needed changes. Then, I read another book … and another one … and another … and so on until I learned more than I could have imagined. I discovered books on fashion rules, tailoring, shirt construction, fashion history, watches, fashionable people, designers, style, and much more. Today, I still seek out and purchase various books. Well, all that reading and research paid off. My personal style and sartorial instincts have improved tremendously. Now, I frequently receive compliments.

As I slowly elevated my outward expression, I found myself helping friends and family with my newly acquired knowledge. Eventually, I decided to share my research with you in the form of this blog. And, having displayed poor fashion for years, I use my mistakes to help you avoid the same easy to correct missteps.

So, allow me to encourage you to take steps toward becoming an expert. Read one men’s fashion book and go from there. I recommend my own book if you need a starting place. Then, read through my past articles and click the follow button to read Fashion for the average man articles going forward. Pretty soon, you will find yourself receiving compliments and sharing what you have learned.

© Copyright 2013 Fashion for the average man.

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