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The must-have jacket

January 22, 2014


man in leather jacket passing his hand thorugh his hairThink for a minute about the jackets you own. How do you wear them? Do you wear one with everything? Several kinds? Different colors? Do they fit well? Are they new or old? Good condition or tattered? If you have not taken thought to your jackets, now is the time. This one item can instantly up your style gauge.

Now think about the “cool” men you see in the movies and media. You find them cruising on that motorcycle, fighting crime, or performing some heroic act in an awesome jacket, right? How about a television show host or reality-TV judge? Wearing some sort of jacket? Probably. That jacket can be similar to the one I describe below, but can also be a sport coat. Look for it and you will notice it often.  Why a jacket? It adds respectability and a classic style. It tells the world you took an extra step to elevate your outfit. Now to the details. The must-have jacket for every man has these characteristics:

1. Slim fit – Not baggy. I cannot tell you how many times I pass a man sporting the poofed-out jacket with baggy sides and arms. When zipped up, it should allow for comfortable breathing room, but not a lot more. In addition, the arms should hold a more fitted construction. As I have said in past articles and will continue to say, wear the correct size! If a medium-sized jacket fits you well, don’t wear a large one! Too many men wear jackets that engulf them.

2. No bulky pockets – For the kind of jacket I have in mind, stick with pockets that do not add bulk.

3. Light weight – You can achieve this through nylon, polyester, a lighter leather, cotton, or even a faux leather.

4. Darker color – If you have any doubts about the color, start with black. You pretty much can’t go wrong with black as it compliments everything.

5. Classic style – You can tap into so many styles for the must-have jacket. Urban, military, denim, leather, quilted, and even windbreaker can work if the other characteristics are met and it presents you with classic style. Remember to keep it simple for this jacket. So, no fancy embroidered designs up the back or crazy pictures all over it. Think classic. If you possess a wild hair, try this classic jacket with the wildest exotic t-shirt in your dresser (An image just popped into my head of an animal print t-shirt peeking out from under this jacket. Burberry Prorsum t-shirt?).

My closet holds several varieties of this jacket in various colors and styles. My favorite has to be a black Michael Kors leather-panel nylon jacket I found at a 70% off sale at Saks Fifth Avenue. It instantly upgrades even the most basic outfit – a pair of jeans and a gray t-shirt. And, its versatility helps me look fantastic with a wide range of other wardrobe choices. And, I have one more suggestion. Once you own one, please do not let your shirts drop below the bottom of the jacket. So tacky. The jacket should conceal the layers beneath.

With a great jacket, your style will graduate like Luke Skywalker’s transition to a Jedi. Well, maybe not that extreme. Okay, so graduation ceremonies are not in order; but with this tool in your sartorial toolbox, you will find it easier to spice up your presentation at a moment’s notice.

© Copyright 2014 Fashion for the average man,

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  1. January 22, 2014 12:08 pm

    Reblogged this on The Fashionable Rogue and commented:
    I must have that jacket!

  2. February 20, 2014 11:59 am

    Awesome jacket! Great tips too- I’ve seen a lot of guys try to be too adventurous so I have to admit you’ve hit the nail on the head with the notion of simplicity. Love the Michael Kors choice, you can’t go wrong with simple black leather!

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