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Right in Front of Your Face

July 17, 2014

binoculars manWell-dressed men live everywhere in the world. For certain, you will cross paths with one of them in your city sometime this week (if not this month). The next time you notice a well-dressed man, stop for a minute and pay attention to his ensemble. What is he doing right? Why do you like it? What ideas can you borrow?

Very few of us were born with an innate sense for fashion. Therefore, fashion ignorance requires that we search for mentors to help. My job places me in the midst of the legal world on a regular basis in the form of mediations and trials. One time at a mediation, I sat across the table from a very well-dressed attorney. He wore a dark blue wool pinstripe suit with an impeccable crisp white shirt and a new stylish dark tie. Peaking out from beneath his shirt cuff ticked a beautiful timepiece. To top it off, he had polished his shoes. I took a mental picture and thought about ways to improve my own look. His appearance boosted him up a little more; and, I knew that I could do the same.

Turn on the news and watch various politicians speak. They usually dress well. Go to the symphony and watch people. You can even find great athletic style at the gym or casual style at a professional baseball game. Another great source, movies, can also provide you with plenty of good ideas. Several movies come to mind that show good styles – Hitch, Stranger than Fiction, To Catch a Thief, and even Fun with Dick and Jane. If you see a character wearing a particularly dapper shirt and sport coat combination, then search through your favorite stores for similar items. People will never know that your clever arrangement originated in Hollywood.

In contrast, you can also learn what fashion mistakes to avoid. These examples outnumber the well-dressed men by a great margin. Some of my favorites almost need an intervention, like the man wearing an all camouflage outfit in public (okay for hunting and covert military operations) or the man wearing colorful baggy plaid pants with an equally colorful imprinted t-shirt. Sadly enough, I used to be an example of poor fashion. I would frequently wear the wrong shoes and socks. I also wore the wrong sizes.

Try to learn from what you observe in others. If you discover a great look, borrow it. If you stumble across bad fashion, ask yourself, “Am I doing that?” If you make the same mistake, then modify your fashion to remove the bad practice. With time, you may happen to catch someone else appreciating your style.

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  1. July 21, 2014 6:04 pm

    This is such a great post! Completely agree!

  2. October 6, 2014 4:13 am

    Hey Jeremy! Thanks for the like. Also, this is a great post-I wish more men took your basic advice!

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