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Bargain season has arrived

November 21, 2014
Photo by Web Design Hot

Photo by Web Design Hot

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it the start of the fashion bargain season. Every year at this time, millions of bargain-hunting shoppers venture out into the cold for excellent deals. Many wander through racks of clothes or displays looking for inspiration or “something they like.” Some people don’t know where to start and others don’t know where to finish. So, let’s talk about bargain hunting during the bargain season.

Black Friday

This day marks the start of the season and generally, you can find a fantastic few door busters with everything else about 30% below ideal. Prior to heading out, do your research. Tune into television and radio commercials as well as mail or news advertisements. When you arrive to the store, avoid items with prices you can get without a sale. Focus only on the door busters and other great sales. A quick Google search of the item on your phone can assist you in assessing the value of the sale. If you can purchase that jacket for less elsewhere, set it down and move to the next deal.

December Sales

As the year ages, the deals progressively improve leading up to a grand crescendo on New Year’s Day. So if you can wait, you may find a better price. On the flip side, someone else may snatch up the item you have been watching. Mastering the art of catching an item at the best deal before it disappears can take some practice and patience. It may also cause you to miss out on a few items. If you need or really, really want those shoes or watch or whatever, you may have to bite the bullet a little earlier than you would ordinarily.
The day after Christmas through New Year’s Day

Over the years, I have found some of the absolute best deals in this time frame with New Year’s Day proving to be best of all. Prior to Christmas, businesses know many of their customers must purchase presents; so they hold off giving the best deals in order to increase profits. Once Christmas comes and goes; however, they want to clear inventory. The best way to clear the racks is with once a year kind of deals.

Marketers prepare for months in anticipation of holiday shoppers. They go to great lengths to track down the last bit of research that will get you to purchase a product. They know exactly where to place each product, how to phrase posters and advertisements, and what the sales associates should tell you. Therefore, you must have a plan headed into stores during this time. Make a list, do your research, and stick to it.

Lastly, please don’t tackle a fellow shopper for a discounted product – not worth it! Don’t stress. Take it easy. Enjoy yourself and have fun. Many wonderful deals await you. As should always be the case, treat the cashiers and associates with class and dignity. They chose to work through their holidays to bring you those deals! Happy hunting.


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