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7 Principles for finding great deals on eBay

January 30, 2015

burberry watchI am ever on the hunt for high quality stuff at great deals. Over the years I have found my way to eBay. Now you may be saying, “That’s just a place for people to offload their junk.” If so, you would be mistaken. Every day, you can find excellent brand new products. And, you can also find junk. It’s all there. Take the time to search for the good stuff and you could find a nice reward. I regularly scan eBay and have come up with some wonderful deals. In my last article, two of the deals I shared came from eBay: the Burberry briefcase and the Calvin Klein sweater. I love them both.

Here are seven principles to employ when utilizing eBay:


  1. Do your research. Know the product you want to obtain. So if you are hunting down a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, go to a store, hold a pair your hand, and examine them. Or, go to the Ferragamo website and look at photos. EBay has its share of fakes making it imperative to know the difference. Be careful with sellers having a poor feedback rating or low number of feedback responses. In addition, generally don’t buy from sellers out of the country, especially China and other questionable locations known for imitation goods. If you do fall victim to an imitation seller, notify eBay and they will help you.
  2. Go for new (or slightly used). Why pay money for someone else’s worn out stuff? Enough said.
  3. Set your search parameters. First, realistically determine how much you want to pay. Then, use the search function to narrow your search by brand, size and below a certain price.
  4. Be patient. Don’t get so emotionally attached you bid over your max pay amount to get something. Set your max and stick to it. Another listing will pop up eventually.
  5. Be creative. Think differently in your search. Look for good products poorly listed. It may be an otherwise great product with a poor resolution photo and a great description. It may also come in the form of a poor description (missing key info such as measurements or pertinent details), but otherwise looks like a winner. If you do need more info, ask the seller a question. You can also look for a perfect and new product with a correctable defect. I bought the $600 Burberry watch shown above in this way for $150. In the listing, the seller stated and showed in the photo that the new watch had a giant scratch across the front of the face. When I took it to Burberry to get it repaired, they told me it was under warranty and completely fixed it for free! Even if I had to pay for the repairs, it still would have been a deal.
  6. Don’t rule out “buy it now.” Sometimes people just want to get rid of something. Even still, don’t let a higher price scare you away. Look for the listings that allow you to make an offer. That’s how I got the price I wanted on the Burberry briefcase. It was listed at $990 to “buy it now” and I made an offer of $700 which the seller initially rejected. A few days later, the seller reconsidered and sent me a message agreeing to the $700 amount. It never hurts to throw out an offer at your price. Worst case scenario – they say no.
  7. Wait until the last 6 seconds to place your bid. This principle is the most important. Enter your bid any sooner and the other bidders can decide to pay more than they initially thought. Decide on your max, wait until the last 6 seconds, and then enter your max bid, even if you are the only bidder. With this in mind, I like to regularly stop by eBay to look at the items ending soonest trying to catch a deal.

Now that Christmas has passed, many people are jumping onto eBay to sell unwanted or duplicate products. This provides you a perfect opportunity to grab a deal right now. When you use these principles and snag a great deal, I would like to know about it. Please drop back by and leave a comment telling me about your deal. Happy eBay hunting!

© Copyright 2015 Fashion for the average man

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